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58+ World-Class Entrepreneurs & JV Experts Revealed Their Secrets On How To Get Others To Promote You, Get You More Clients, And Sell More Of Your Products, Even If You're Just Starting Out From Scratch...

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Learn Today With The Joint Venture Success Evergreen Summit...

You may already be sold on the idea of using partnerships to grow your business and promote your products and programs, but the whole process can be very overwhelming! Where do you start? Where do you find potential partners? How do you approach them? What do you say to win them over? What do you need to know to make the experience a win-win for both parties? Never fear, the JV Success Summit is here!

Don't know what a Joint Venture is? Relax! In this free online event, you'll learn what a Joint Venture is, What potential JV partners look for, how to make yourself magnetically attractive to your ideal JV partner, how to win them over, different kinds of JV partnerships, best ways to make sure everything goes smoothly, and much much more!

In these JV expert Masterclasses and Case Studies, we'll take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through EACH of the FOUR PHASES of a successful JV partnership, from getting JV-ready, to getting JV partners on-board, to doing a JV launch promotion, to delivering on your promise and nurturing your new list and new JV partners. You'll know EXACTLY what to do to use JV partnerships to grow your business, your brand, your relationships, and of course, your bottom line!

40+ expert topics, 18 actual case studies. You're gonna love not only learning from 40+ experts on topics covering each of the elements that you need to know to pull a successful JV promotion, but also from 18 actual case studies, all specifically chosen to inspire not only the beginner level but the more advanced as well. So whether you're just starting out in the JV world, or you're already a veteran, you'll be surprised with what you'll be learning in the next few days!

This exclusive online event is broken down into 4 easy-to-follow sections to help you succeed faster:


Step 1: Package.

You'll learn how to get “JV-ready,” which means making sure your offer, your systems and processes are set to support your partnership. 


Step 2: Partner.

Our experts will show you how to identify the right JV partners and how to approach them to ensure the best chance at winning them over.


Step 3: Launch.

We'll walk you through your successful JV launch, step-by-step, so nothing will be left to chance. You'll know exactly what to do, and when!


Step 4: Nurture.

Now that you've developed a list of customers and partners, learn how to nurture those relationships & turn them as raving fans and buyers -- for life!


Binge-watch for FREE for the next 24 the comfort of your home!

What makes this Summit Unique?

The JV Success Summit is a unique, one of a kind VIRTUAL event where the best, the brightest, most loving, giving and helping entrepreneurs in the coaching space, come together to share their best insights into what it takes to package, promote and profit with joint ventures even if you're just starting out with no relationships in your field yet (taught by people who've done it!)

This virtual event brings together more than four dozen tried-and-true, successful experts to help authors, coaches, speakers, and other experts to create the partnerships they need and generate the income and impact they desire, all in one place... for FREE (for a limited time).

In this one-of-a-kind event, the speakers will provide a step-by-step plan for you to follow so you can create that authority, influence, expertise, connections and income leveraging other's time, money and resources. 

Because it's all held online, you can access the materials without leaving home. Just log in to our event site and connect with dozens of thought leaders and experts, all intent on helping YOU create profitable JV partnerships.

This truly is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to learn EVERYTHING you need to know to grow your business through JV partnerships... even if nobody knows who you're yet or you're just starting out from scratch. 

Why you should get the FREE access to this summit:

1. Learn from "in the trenches" experts... Our speakers have been carefully selected not only for their track record of success, but for their giving spirits. Each and every one of them has created powerful, profitable partnerships... AND they are anxious to share their successes and challenges with YOU. They're givers who know how hard it is to try to figure all this out on your own.

They want to save you time, money, and stress by offering you their expertise! 

2. Free access... Forget about hotel bills, flights, and expensive registration fees. You have free, 24-HOUR limited-time access to ALL the summit materials. And if you want unlimited, "lifetime" access, you can upgrade to an All-Access Pass so you can watch the videos any time you like for LIFE- like "forever access".

3. Step-by-step instruction... Instead of trying to piece together a plan from free or low-cost information that may or may not actually work, our expert speakers will provide you a step-by-step blueprint to take you from JV newbie to JV expert! They'll tackle topics including: preparing for your first partnership, choosing the right partners, promoting the offer, and then nurturing those valuable relationships over time. NOTHING is left out or held back!


Binge-watch for FREE for the next 24 the comfort of your home!

Watch and Learn From The Summit Sessions

Build a BIG list, get MORE clients and sell MORE of your products and programs by leveraging the power of joint venture partnerships.


Pre-Event Hangout 

Get behind-the-scenes of the Joint Venture Success Summit, how to get the most out this event, plus question and answer, with your summit host, Marie Grace Berg


Opening Keynote

The Riches Are In The Relationships with Rich German

Often it’s said that the riches are in the niches, but that’s not quite true. Actually, the most successful entrepreneurs, coaches, information marketers, and experts knows that real success comes from the relationships you create. In this powerful keynote, famed coach, visionary and JV expert Rich German will share how relationships will become even more important in our digital age.

Rich German

The JV Success Summit Playbook

A sneak peak of the 58+ speakers and case studies and what you'll be learning from them throughout this 10-day online event with your summit host, Marie Grace Berg


Simply Irresistible: How To Craft Offers JV Partners Will Beg To Promote with Danny Iny

Fascinating Freebies: How To Create Lead Magnets Your Audience Can’t Resist with Devin Slavin

Devin Slavin

Magnetic Marketing Copy: How To Write So People Will Buy (And Your Partners Will Promote!) with Ray Edwards

Ray Edwards

Case Study: Pulling Back The Curtain On a 6-Figure Business: How I Partner with Other Experts with Liam Austin

Liam Austin

How To Write Copy That Flows from Your Soul While Captivating, Connecting With And Converting Your ideal Clients with Kelly Jo Murphy

Ray Edwards

Getting It Right: How To Optimize Your Landing Pages For Increased Conversion with Chelsea O´Brien

Chelsea O'Brien

TECH: Easy As 1-2-3: How To Create Eye-catching Landing Pages in Minutes With Clickfunnels with Dave Woodward

Dave Woodward

Case Study: How I Multiplied My Revenue, Got Out From Isolation And Built Lifelong Friendships With Joint Ventures with Tammy Lane

Tammy Lane


First Things First: How To Test and Optimize Your Offer with Your Own List Before Asking Your Partners To Promote with Tony Pennells

Tony Pennells

Putting It To The Test: How To Test Your Compelling Offer With Facebook Ads with Andrew Hubbard

Andrew Hubbard

Case Study: How I Turned My Low Tech Skills Into Multiple 5-Figures By Partnering With A Tech-Savvy JV Partner with Minesh Baxi

Minesh Baxi

Case Study: How I Quadrupled My List And Became The Go-To Person Doing Give-Aways with Julia Stege

Julia Stege

TECH: Pay Them To Play: How To Set Up Your Affiliate Tracking System Using Infusionsoft with Roger Graves Jr.

Roger Graves

Case study: How I Went From Doing Everything Alone With Little To Show For It To 10x'ng My Results With Support From Others with Tamara Monosoff

Tamara Monosoff

Case Study: How I Took My Corporate World Experience In Partnerships And Applied It To My Own Business And Grew My Income To Multiple 6-Figures with Kate Beeders

Kate Beeders


The Partnership Formula: How To Get Others To Build Your Business For You with Steve Olsher

Steve Olsher

Start With Why: The Top 5 Reasons JV Partners Promote (and How To Get Partners When You’re Starting from Scratch) with Marisa Murgatroyd

Marisa Murgatroyd

Case study: How Adding Joint Ventures Was Like The Difference Between Night And Day For My Business with Cloris Kylie

Cloris Kylie

Just Breathe: How To Overcome The Fear Of Reaching Out To Potential JVs with Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha

Size Doesn't Matter: How To Connect & Work With Influencers Even With a Small (or Non-Existent) List with Navid Moazzez

Navid Moazzez

Case study: How Partnering with Other Coaches and Heart-centered Entrepreneurs Not Only Grew My Business But Led To Lifelong friendships with Sheri Rosenthal

Sheri Rosenthal


Leveraging Your Strengths: 12 Things You Can Bring To The Table As A JV Partner with Tom Matzen

Tom Matzen

The Price Is Right: How To Price a JV-Friendly Offer with Jeremy DeMerchant

Tom Matzen

How To Use Joint Ventures In A Conscious, Heart-Centered Way To Grow Your Business with Derek Rydall

Derek Rydall

Case study: How To Fill Your Mastermind Programs Partnering With Others with Susan Epstein

Susan Epstein

The Gift Of Gab: How To Have Successful Conversations with Potential JV Partners with Mark Porteous

Mark Porteous

People Power: How To Leverage The Power of Masterminds To Build JV Relationships with Lauri Hand

Lauri Hand

Commit Yourself!: How The 5/1 Challenge Will Change Your Business with Spring Zheng

Spring Zheng

Case Study: How I Went From No Business To Making Multiple Five Figures As A Stay At Home Mom with Carrie Roldan

Carrie Roldan


The JV Launch Process Explained: Breaking It Down, Step by Step with Jay Fiset

Jay Fiset

Doing It Alone: Creating an Awesome JV Launch On Your Own with Rob Goyette

Rob Goyette

Case Study: How I Filled My Coaching Calendar By Leveraging Other People´s Platform with Sheila Paxton

Sheila Paxton

Case study: How I Grew My List Substantially By Partnering With Other Experts and Collaborating With JV Partners with Jossif Elefteriadis

Jossif Elefteriadis

Put It Together: The 7 Puzzle Pieces To Convert Prospects To Customers Using Emails with John Pagulayan

John Pagulayan

Help Them Help You: How To Write Effective Affiliate Content for Your JV Partners with Lain Ehmann

Lain Ehmann

Case study:How Collaborating With Other Experts Doing Telesummits Put 1,000's Into My Email List Almost Overnight with Gina Hiatt

Gina Hiatt


Outsource Success: How To Work With An Affiliate Manager To Run A Multi-JV Launch with Matt Mcwilliams

Matt Mcwilliams

TECH: Show Me: Why Webinars Are Essential For A Successful JV Launch Or Promotion with Omar Zenhom

Omar Zenhom

Case Study: How I Filled Up My Coaching Programs Almost Overnight By Partnering With Others with Pamela Vandervoort

Pamela Vandervort

Going To The Finish Line: How To Motivate Joint Venture Partners To Follow Through With Persuasive, Personal Promotions with Joshua David Howard

Joshua David

Other People's Products: How To Effectively Promote Affiliate Offers As A Relationship-Builder with Rachel Luna

Rachel Luna

Straight To The Top: How To Participate & Dominate the Leaderboard In Your Next Affiliate Promotion with Alina Vincent

Alina Vincent

Case Study: How I Almost Given Up On My Business And Turned It Around Almost Overnight By Partnering with Others with Alexandria Barker

Alexandria Barker


Blow 'em Away: How To Deliver A “WOW” Experience To Your Audience with Kerry Brown

Details, Details: How To Use Systems & Processes For Top-Level Client Satisfaction with Kate Steinbacher

Kate Steinbach

TECH: Members Only: How To Set Up Your Membership Area To Deliver Your Program with Jan Koch

Jan Koch

Case Study: How I Dramatically Grew My List, Made More Money And Created Life-Long Friendships Through JV Partnerships with Rachel Archelaus

Rachel Archelaus

Open Sesame: How To Write Persuasive Emails that People Can’t Wait To Receive - and Read with Bushra Azhar


The #1 Strategy for Attracting & Creating Loyal Raving Fans and Joint Venture Partners with Jan Stringer

Jan Stringer

Case study: From Working Alone To Having People Who Have My Back with Patti Keating

Patti Keating


As The World Turns: How Copying The Soap Opera Writers Will Get Your Emails Opened with Daniel Levis

Daniel Levis

Entice, Inspire, Persuade: How To Write Your Signature Story with Michael Hauge

Michael Hauge

Case Study: From Being A Professional Lone Wolf To Being Seen As An Authority Partnering With Other Experts On A with Karen Brody

Karen Brody

Care and Feeding of JV Partners: How To Nurture Your Partners For Long-Term Relationships with Catherine Watkin

Catherine Watkin

The Secret to Accelerating Results: Delegate! with Melanie Benson

Melanie Benson

Case study: How To Build, Grow and Scale Your Business with Strategic Alliances with Mike Liquori



Collaboration As The Future Of Business

In this compelling keynote, noted coach, visionary, and JV expert Rich German discusses the elements affecting the future of your business, and how -- no matter what industry you’re in -- collaboration is the key to success. He’ll share specific ideas for creating freedom and foregoing the time-for-dollars exchange.

Rich German

What’s Next : Where To Find Your Ideal JV Partners with Rich German and Marie Grace Berg

Rich German


JV Success Summit

Where is the event held?

The event is held entirely online, and you can access the interviews, masterclasses, and videos via desktop, laptop, smartphone, or other web-enabled mobile device. Watch at home or on the go - it's up to you!

JV Success Summit

When will the interviews and masterclasses be available?

The event is held entirely online, and you can access the interviews, masterclasses, and videos via desktop, laptop, smartphone, or other web-enabled mobile device. Watch at home or on the go - it's up to you!

Is this event a good fit for me?

If you are a coach, author, speaker, or other expert, online or off, and you want to grow your business and brand online, this event is for you! The JV Success Summit will be especially helpful to those who are interested in expanding their marketing reach and are looking for a way to leverage their limited resources including time, money, and networks.

In addition, if you are interested in any of the following ​activities, you'll LOVE what JV partnerships can do for you:

• Growing your EMAIL LIST by the thousands (almost overnight!)
• Building your AUTHORITY in an instant through the power of partner endorsement

• Creating instant CASH FLOW over and over

• Spreading your MESSAGE like a wildfire, faster and easier than if you did it alone


Binge-watch for FREE for the next 24 the comfort of your home!

Hey you, it’s Marie Grace.

When I did my first Joint Venture launch...

I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, and I made a TON of mistakes... and still managed to add almost 2000 people to my email list! At that point, I knew that JV partnerships were the key to growing my business.

If I could put a promo together with NO experience, NO real contacts, NO real plan, and still add thousands of people to my audience, then just imagine what I could do if I did it "right?" That's when I devoted myself to learning all I could about JV partnerships. In the last 12 months, my knowledge and experience has grown tremendously, and my JV promotions have improved drastically.

The JV Success Summit is my way of giving back to people where I was -- stuck, unsure, ​and really, really new. I want to teach you EXACTLY what to do so you can take advantage of this amazing strategy for building your audience, authority, influence, and revenue, so you won't have to guess, figure it out on your own, or waste your most valuable asset - your  time.  

I hope you'll join me and my 58+ expert friends at the JV Success Summit so we can help you create the business and lifestyle you dream of :-)


-Marie :-)

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