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We have 3 different promo plans depending on what your schedule looks like and how much you'd like to share the summit with your audience: ALL IN/AGRESSIVE, BALANCED & MODERATE. We can help you work out a personalized plan that works for you.

Below are some key dates to add to your calendar, and we'll follow up via email ahead of time with more details and promotional resources to give you all the support you need.

August 22nd: First day to mail. Summit pre-event.

August 29th-September 4th: Pre-event final email push.

September 5th: Summit starts tomorrow.

September 6th: Summit starts today/ Opening keynote with Rich German & Milana Leshinsky, the launch playbook and kick-off hangout with Marie Grace Berg.

September 7th: Summit sessions starts today.

September 7th-15th: During event email push. If you're a speaker, mail the day before and the day of your own session.

September 9th: Last day to register and get access to all masterclasses, training sessions and case study interviews with 50+ world-class speakers.

September 10th: JV Success Summit All Access Pass - price goes up tomorrow (mail your optins only).

September 11th: JV Success Summit All Access Pass - price goes up tonight at 11:59 PM Pacific (mail your optins only).

September 15th: Closing keynote/Webinar with Rich Germand & Milana Leshinsky. JV Insider Circle opens for 4 days only!

September 18th: JV Insider Circle cart closes tonight @ 11:59 Pacific Time (mail your optins only).

September 20th: JV Success Summit Encore (one more chance to watch all the sessions- 24 hours only before the price goes up.

September 21st: Last price increase for JV Success All Access Summit Pass - price goes up @ 11:59 PM Pacific (mail your optins only)

What is this Summit about?

Joint Venture (JV) Success Summit is a unique, one of a kind VIRTUAL 10 day event where the best, the brightest, most loving, giving & helping entrepreneurs in the coaching space, come together to share their best insights into what it takes to Package, Promote & Profit with Joint Ventures even if you’re you’re just starting out with no relationships in your field yet (taught by people who’ve done it).

The Summit focuses on how to:

    • Effectively leverage the power of joint venture partnerships to build your list by the 1,000’s almost overnight.

    • Master the skills needed to become and ideal Joint Venture partner.

    • Develop life-long friendships with like-minded, passion-driven business owners, and spread your message like a wildfire, faster and easier than if you did it alone!

      The summit will consist of masterclasses, keynotes, interviews + actual case studies.

    What will people who watch the Summit learn?


    PHASE 1: How To Get JV-Ready

    Attendees will learn how to get “JV-ready,” which means making sure your offer, your systems and processes are set to support your partnership.


    PHASE 2: How To Get JV-Partners Onboard

    Our experts will show you how to identify the right JV partners and how to approach them to ensure the best chance at winning them over.


    PHASE 3: How To Do A JV Launch Promotion

    We'll walk you through your successful JV launch, step-by-step, so nothing will be left to chance. You'll know exactly what to do, and when!

    JV Success Summit

    PHASE 4: How To Nurture Your List & JV Partners

    Now that you've developed a list of customers and partners, learn how to nurture those relationships & turn them as raving fans and buyers -- for life!

    What do members get with the All-Access Pass?

    JV Success Summit

    Lifetime access to all speaker videos, audio MP3 files, session notes, worksheets, templates

    JV Success Summit

    A Private online Facebook community with fellow All-Access Pass Holders.

    JV Success Summit

    A 90-Day Free Access to the JV Profit Lab for implementation, support and accountability.

    JV Success Summit

    Exclusive VIP live Q&A with the summit host, Marie Grace Berg and special guest experts.

    JV Success Summit

    A boatload of special speaker bonuses, cheat sheets, ebooks, templates, software discounts, and many more.

    How can I become an affiliate?

    We’d love for you to join the team of affiliates at the summit. SIGN UP HERE. Any questions, email us at

    How much do affiliates earn?

    The All Access Pass gives purchasers lifetime access to value-packed masterclasses, expert interviews, case study interviews and a ton of valuable bonuses.

    You get 50% of any sales for the All Access Pass. Prices are as follows: Pre-summit is $97, Mid-summit is $197 and Post-summit is $297.

    Here’s a sneak peek at some of our amazing partners and speakers:

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    What’s at stake?

    In addition to the 50% you’ll earn on each sale you bring in using your unique affiliate link, you’ll also have lifetime access just like the All Access Pass Holders. You're also guaranteed a spot to be featured on one or both of our podcasts for a chance to promote yourself in front of our raving fans and listeners.

    How do I rock the affiliate leaderboard?

    Rocking an affiliate contest is all about caring about the content, and sharing it with genuine passion to your readers. That said, here are some strategies that can help move the needle.

    • Offer bonuses for signing up using your link.
    • Mail at elast 2-3 times throughout the summit.
    • Share on social media and engage with your followers.
    • If you're a speaker, make sure to email the day before and on the day your session goes live.

    Affiliate Details & Rules

    • Affiliates receive 50% commission on the Summit All Access Pass
    • Commissions will be paid out 45 days after cart close.
    • Our affiliate link & swipe copy will be sent to you ahead of time and during the event via emails so you can share the summit with your audience.

    Have a question?

    Get in touch with us at!

    Let’s deliver the most valuable Summit your audience has ever seen!

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