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Putting it To The Test : How To Test Your Compelling Offer Using Facebook Ads With Andrew Hubbard

What You'll Learn From The Session...

  • Why FB ads is the fastest way to test whether your offer converts or not?
  • What kinds of conversion metrics should we look for when testing our offer via FB ads?
  • What are some of the elements that we can tweak to improve conversion?
  • Andrew shares a before and after sample of a FB ad you´ve run, tweaks you made, numbers you got? (NOTE: You´ll be able to share your screen to show this).
  • When should people hire an expert to run their FB ads promotion?
Andrew Hubbard

Andrew Hubbard is a digital marketer and Facebook ad strategist.

He works with high performing online business owners to help them grow their email lists & sell more products and services using paid traffic. He has worked with successful entrepreneurs including Navid Moazzez, Selena Soo, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, and many more, having delivered 4000%+ ROI's using Facebook advertising.

JVSS-Andrew Hubbard

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