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Care and Feeding of JV Partners: How To Nurture Your Partners For Long-Term Relationships with Catherine Watkin

What You'll Learn From The Session...

  • What makes JV partners want to promote you over and over again?
  • Why nurturing your JV partners is important?
  • What are some of the ways that you do to nurture your JV partners?
  • Do you always have to reciprocate promotion to your JV partners? If no, what are other ways you can reciprocate the support they’ve given you?
  • If a JV partner didn’t hold on to the bargain, how do you address it in the best way that it won't hurt the relationship moving forward?
  • What’s your criteria for keeping a JV partner in your radar?

Catherine Watkin, founder of Selling from the Heart, is a sales expert who works with heart-centred business owners who are gifted and passionate about what they do but struggle in business because they feel awkward when it comes to selling their services.

She teaches them how to sell in a way that feels authentic and comfortable and still gets great results. From the very beginning Catherine has used joint as her main marketing strategy and this enabled her to grow her business to a turnover of $200,000 within less than 2 years while having fun and creating lasting friendships.

JVSS-Catherine Watking

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