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As the World Turns: How Copying the Soap Opera Writers Will Get Your Emails Opened with Daniel Levis

What You'll Learn From The Session...

  • What are soap-opera email sequences and how important are they in terms of building relationship to your new list?
  • How are soap-opera sequences written or created? What’s the mindset behind writing in this way?
  • How do you build those open and nested loops that builds suspense, drama, tension and owning their attention?
  • How do you end your emails in a way that makes the reader eager and waiting for the next one?
  • Can you share an example of a soap opera sequence that our audience can model?
Daniel Levis

As a top marketing consultant and direct response copywriter, Daniel Levis helps entrepreneurs get rich acquiring and developing the best customers and clients in their niches.

Daniel is the publisher of the world-famous copywriting anthology, Masters of Copywriting, featuring Joe Sugarman, Joe Vitale, Bob Bly, and dozens more. One of the world’s leading web conversion experts, Daniel is the originator of The 5R Web System Conversion System(TM), a strategic process for engineering enhanced Internet profits, and the creator of Effortless Influence - How to Master the Art of the Sales Story, the world's premiere instruction on direct response story selling.

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