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Fascinating Freebies: How To Create Lead Magnets Your Audience Can't Resist with Devin Slavin

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  • What’s a freebie/lead magnet and why do you need one especially on a launch promotion?
  • What makes freebies or lead magnets irresistible not only to your potential customers but to your potential JVs? What’s the mindset/psychology behind creating one?
  • What are some critical elements that need to be present that not only gets your prospects to optin for it but become your raving fans and buyers?
  • What’s the process you use when you create your irresistible freebies/lead magnets? What types of freebies work well in the online marketing/coaching/experts space?
  • Do you have a template that you can share our audience to make creating these freebies/lead magnets easier for them?

Devin Slavin , founder of the Course Creation Network, is a highly-skilled online business coach & consultant, dedicated to working with inspired leaders who are out to thrive financially while making a difference in the world.

Devin has created 10 online courses and launched to 6-figures and above. He also helps others to build their own courses through his Conscious Course Creators Bootcamp.

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