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The Number One Strategy For Creating Loyal Raving Fans and JV Partners with Jan Stringer

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  • What was your business and life look like before and after incorporating JV marketing into your mix?
  • What are some specific results you got using Joint Ventures?
  • What are some of the top 3 negative belief patterns or myths you have about Joint Ventures and how did you overcome them?
  • We walk you through the four phases of the JV process and dissect the steps you took in order to:
  • Get JV-Ready
  • Get JV Partners Onboard
  • Do A JV Launch Promotion
  • Nurture Your New List and JV Partners
  • What’s the one thing our audience can learn from your results that they can implement right away?
Jan Stringer

Jan H. Stringer, Founder, Perfect Customers, Inc. has an International reputation for helping businesses to learn the art of attracting clients; Author of Attracting Perfect Customers and BEE-ing Attraction.

She lives in Santa Fe, NM and shares her love of business through Speaking, Coaching and the SACAT: Strategic Attraction™ Coaches Academy and Training, a Certification Training Program for Coaches, Trainers, Speakers and Leaders.

JVSS-Jan Stringer

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