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The JV Launch Process Explained: Breaking It Down, Step by Step with Jay Fiset

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  • Jay explains the launch process he uses when he promotes his program (Ex. Mastermind to Millions)
  • What are the pros and cons of doing this type of launch/promotion?
  • When you´re doing a launch that involves JV´s, you´re not only launching to one, the launch list, but also to your JV partners. How do you manage these two at the same time?
  • Would you recommend this type of launch/promotion to people who´re just starting out?
  • Jay shares not only high level launch strategies, but also beginner level strategies for people who´re just starting out.
Jay Fiset

Jay Fiset is a many of many passions and many talents.

Best-selling author, student of human nature, avid outdoorsman… he will shatter your expectations as he sees and reflects YOUR life mission in five minutes flat. Whether he’s daydreaming about his wife of 25 years or playing with his sons’ toys, Jay is dedicated to instigating a global movement of Conscious Creators and supporting people to organize their life and resources around their passions and gifts.

JVSS-Jay Fiset

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