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Getting To The Finish Line: How To Motivate JV Partners To Follow Through With Persuasive, Personal Promotions with Josh David Hayward

What You'll Learn From The Session...

  • Mindset behind JV launches
  • Role of JV partners in a launch
  • Ways to motivate JVs to promote and follow through
  • How to manage JVs. Do you need an affiliate manager to help run your launches? When should we delegate this? Cost of hiring one?
  • Mistakes and lessons learned after doing several launches with mastermind millions and or your own.

After leaving his job in the construction industry to follow his dream of leading live events and coaching programs, Joshua David Hayward promptly fell flat on his face and struggled to make any money for over a year. Finally getting a clue and hiring a mentor, he quickly sky rocketed to over 6-figures in a matter of months while sharing his message and doing what he loved.

Now, 7 years later, through his live experiential events, online training programs and virtual masterminds, Joshua has impacted and empowered thousands of other messengers to attract more clients and earn more money in their businesses. He specializes in client attraction and enrollment and helps his clients build profitable businesses in a way that they can make a huge impact while also creating a huge income and having time & location freedom.

He is a mountaineer and long-term world traveller who, when he’s not supporting clients, spends his time climbing mountains, participating in extreme sports, and enjoying exotic adventures around the globe.

He is committed to empowering messengers to master the mindset, mechanics, marketing, and monetization of their message so that they can make a monumental impact, earn a massive income, and create an epic life of purpose, passion, freedom and fulfillment.

JVSS-Joshua David Hayward

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