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Details, Details: How To Use Systems and Processes for Top-Level Client and JV Partner Satisfaction with Kate Steinbacher

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  • Why is it crucial to not only deliver on your promise but wow your new clients/customers?
  • What are some of the ways you can deliver that “wow experience”?
  • What are systems and processes and why are they so important in building our business?
  • As a coach or owner of your business, should we outsource this part?
  • What’s coaches console and how does it help coaches?
Kate Steinbacher

Kate Steinbacher is a consummate entrepreneur and collaborator, an agent for fun and change, as well as a business coach, a speaker and a prolific writer of self-development articles.

Since 2001, Kate has been an active Business coach. Kate has owned, operated and marketed 4 successful small businesses. Currently she is principal in The Coaching Advantage and Co-Founder of The Coaches Console, along with her business partner, Melinda Cohan.

Change, action and FUN have always been allies for Kate’s success. She is passionate about people and business and fostering True financially successful Business Owner Coaches through the use of The Coaches Console and professional coaching skills.

JVSS-Kate Steinbacher

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