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How to Write Copy that Flows From Your Soul While Captivating, Connecting With and ´╗┐Converting ´╗┐Your Ideal Clients

with Kelly Jo Murphy

What You'll Learn From The Session...

  • Step 1: How to Uncover Your MUSE and Use It for Captivating Soul to Soul Sales Copy
  • Step 2: How to Connect with Your Ideal Clients Soul to Soul So Your Copy Connects and Attracts Them
  • Step 3: How to Know Which Elements Go Into Great Sales Copy While Keeping It Soul to Soul
  • Step 4: How to Create Any Piece of Sales Copy That Captivates, Connects With and Converts
  • Step 5: How and Where to Use Your Sales Copy For Maximum Impact and Having Them Ask YOU to Sign Up
Ajit Nawalkha

Kelly Jo Murphy has 16 years of spiritual, creativity and marketing coaching experience, as well as 24 years of being a successful entrepreneur,

She has a knack for breaking down complex sales and marketing concepts into step by step practical tips that you can start benefiting from TODAY. In addition to being obsessed with online sales and marketing and mentoring others, she is a certified personal trainer, artist, homeschooling mom of 4, happily married for 25 years and an all around wacky, kickass, dancing little girl~~

JVSS-Kelly Jo Murphy

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