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The Gift Of Gab: How To Have Successful Conversations With Potential JV Partners with Mark Porteous

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  • Why building solid relationships is so important to your success in business (and life)
  • The two biggest challenges in developing JV partnerships
  • What it takes to build “Collaborative Relationships”
  • Exercises YOU can use now to deepen existing partnerships
Mark Porteous

Transformational Business Mentor Mark Porteous guides inspired messengers authors, speakers, coaches, and healers to thrive in their Divine purpose of transforming lives. Whether clients engage in private or group coaching or contribute to the Inspired Messengers Network as guest experts, they grow their audience, enroll new clients, and scale their businesses to make greater impact in the world while creating more freedom, abundance and joy in their own lives.

Marks clients share his conviction to accelerate the social consciousness from a state of fear and separation to one of love and deep connection. The author of Maximizing Your Human Experience: A Personalized Travel Guide for Your Journey of Life, Mark walks that talk and inspires his readers, viewers, members, and clients to do the same.

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