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CASE STUDY: How I Turned My Low-Tech Skills Into Multiple Five Figures By Partnering with a Tech-Savvy JV Partner with Minesh Baxi

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  • Mindset behind masterminds
  • Benefits of masterminds
  • How masterminds can lead to great JV partnerships
  • What's your strategy in getting JVs to mastermind and promote each other
  • Do’s and don'ts plus other tips you have
Minesh Baxi

Minesh Baxi is a business coach who helps his clients get results which is more money and time freedom.

Minesh has been a speaker and business coach for over 15 years. He has published nine books including “Network Your Way To $100,000 and Beyond” and “Stop Hiring Losers”. He recently launched his new program Get Your First Ten Coaching Clients Guaranteed.

JVSS-Minesh Baxi

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