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Doing It Alone: Creating An Awesome JV Launch On Your Own with Rob Goyette

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  • Can you do a JV launch promotion by yourself?
  • What are the important elements that have to be in place in order to pull a successful JV promotion by yourself?
  • You recently collaborated with a business coach doing a one JV partner promotion. Can you walk us through the process of how you did this?
  • For coaches who are doing 1:1 coaching or small group coaching and donĀ“t need that many clients at a time, what kind of JV promotion can they do?
  • What can coaches, authors and speakers do to leverage what they know and get away from trading their time for money?
Rob Goyette

Rob Goyette has been coaching and supporting 6 & 7 figure leaders in the coaching niche since 2007. His signature product is called Automate Your Webinars and teaches coaches and business owners to automate their marketing and create an automated webinar funnel to sell their products and programs.

Rob lives with his wife and 2 sons in Colorado Springs.

JVSS-Rob Goyette

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