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Here's What You Get for a FULL 6-MONTHS of One On One Laser Coaching With Me...

  • Pre-summit: Plan your virtual summit for maximum profits.
    1. Help in how to choose your summit topic/name
    2. Help in finding and reaching out to potential speakers
    3. Help in getting your speakers interviewed
    4. Help in getting your summit pages up
    5. Help in finding JV/affiliate partners to promote your summit
    6. Help with the "TECH STUFF"
    7. Help in creating your JV swipe emails, daily emails, social media graphics and post
    8. Everything else required to create your virtual summit!
  • Mid-summit: Deliver your virtual summit with ease and fun
    • Help you deliver your summit with ease and fun
    • Help in making sure your promotion period goes out as planned
    • Help in making sure all your emails go out as planned and scheduled
    • Help in getting your speakers/JV partners/Affiliates to keep promoting your summit
    • Help you make sure all moving pieces are in place during the summit live phase
    • Email support standby during your summit live
    • Everything else you need during your summit live phase!
  • Post-summit: How to double your profits with my secret strategy
    • Help in setting up a backend offer after your summit to double your sales even if you don't have a product of your own
    • Help in creating a promotional campaign after your summit
    • Help in making your summit an "evergreen product" after the summit so you can continue making sales
    • Help in brainstorming several ways to monetize your summit after
    • Help in creating a program/course after your summit
    • How to nurture your new list so you can continue to profit from them over and over again
    • Everything else you need help with post summit!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get A FULL 6-MONTHS of Laser Coaching With Me...

  • Because I am fun to work with, I'll listen to you and I'll keep you focused.
  • Because you'll be delighted by my templates, worksheets and creative brainstorming. 
  • Because you can have as many coaching sessions as you want half a year.
  • Because I'll help you stay out of the weeds and keep you super focused.
  • Because I can help you build a list/tribe and get clients right away. 
  • Because working with me will get you results (Yes, you will build your list and get clients!)
  • Because there are presents: You will get access to my entire funnel and recordings of my wildly successful JV Success Summit for FREE! (You'll be light years ahead of your competition when it comes to JV partnerships).
  • Because working with me will be the most life changing thing you do for the next 6 months.
  • Because I know what I'm doing...I've invested thousands of dollars in my education, coaching, mentoring and, yes, I've gotten results myself.
  • Because I've kept your attention the whole time, right?
  • And because it's only $1997 instead of $2997! (But the price will go up get it NOW!
Ajit Nawalkha

I can still vividly remember. I was toiling long nights trying to build my online business following some "stupid" do-it-yourself video courses online. I wanted to save some money so I thought I just learn it myself. I spent long nights, many sleepless nights. I did it somehow. Miraculously.

Now what? I asked myself. Why are there no people coming to my website. Why am I not getting any clients? Why am I not making any money? That's when I realized I didn't have all the pieces of the puzzle figured out.

I was trying to piece just one among all the many pieces that would make up a real client-getting money-making funnel. I was trying to build something without a clear strategy and a clear plan. I was trying to save myself money and time when in fact, I was exactly doing the opposite: wasting my most valuable resources, time and money (I did not have!)

Don't make the same stupid mistake I made. Let me help you build your list fast while making money at the same time!